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My servers

I have two servers at home, the first one is a Raspberry Pi 3 revision B single board computer and the second one is a laptop.

I use the laptop as a file server, an internet-radio, a torrent seedbox, an I2P router, Team Speak 3 and games server. Raspberry Pi is running an e-mail, a DNS, a HTTP, a XMPP, Mumble, MariaDB, OpenVPN and Tor servers.

Laptop is Acer Packard Bell TE69CX that has Intel Pentium 2117U 1.8GHz 2 cores processor and 4GiB RAM, system disk and external one are 500GB each.

Raspberry Pi 3 rev. B
Raspberry Pi 3 rev. B
Acer Packard Bell TE69CX

Public services

Services that are available for everyone.

Tor relay

Its metrics you can see here. I set it to use 8 MBits of my Internet connection. It cannot became a guard node because of dynamic IP-address that changes every 10 days.


There is a web-frontend for it. Download playlist only from web-frontend or same page on my neocities site.

I use Liquidsoap and Icecast. I just broadcast almost everything I have.

FTP server

I use vsftpd. It serves a public share with anonymous access.

I2P router

Nuff said.

Private services

Services that are available for a narrow circle of people.

E-Mail server

I run it using a classical combination of Postfix, Dovecot (w/Sieve), Spamassassin and OpenDKIM.


Here's the direct link. score

I run it using Prosody. It has HTTPS upload service and supports vCard 4. It's a private server where only I can register new users, for security's sake.


Here's the link.

It's private, but you can join a guest room where you can only write messages. You must use a certificate in order to connect. I don't go there, because it is hard to convince someone to use one more program (and I fully understand that).

TeamSpeak 3

Here's the direct link.

I run it as an alternative to Mumble. Restrictions are the same as for Mumble. At least it is not abandoned.

Game servers

All game servers I run are private, if there's exception I'll mention it in its description. Currently I have Minecraft, Mordhau and Starbound ones.

Game servers


Version is 1.12.2 and it's a pirate server.

A client is here. Server is already listed in servers.dat file. Place it wherever you want and edit launch-*.cmd files.

I run it occasionaly. A server named Mandy-Kurgan after an uzbek's settlement from song "Шайтан-арба" of Infernal FuckЪ band.


Port is 21025. Don't forget to set "Allow assets mismatch" option that you can find on the first page of the "Options" menu.

I restricted access using accounts. Contact me if you want to play here, you'll need to give me a nickname and a password.


Its name is "Arav's Mordhau server" and the password is "charge!". If you'll see it feel free to join.

Don't know how much players my laptop can handle. If it really can handle 8 players that already would be great.

I run it on demand, so it's offline most of the time.

Inner services

Services that maintains other services or used exclusively by me.


SSL Rating

It's NGiNX. I host this site, startpage for browser and web-clients for DB and mail on it and it also serves as a proxy for internet-radio.

Database server

At the moment I run MariaDB. I use it to learn and to handle databases for some of my services.

DNS server

I started it in an educational purpose to learn more about DNS. Now it serves a DNS cache and domain zone for my LAN, and it allows me to access OpenNIC domains. It is encrypted using DNSCrypt-proxy.


I run OpenVPN server, so I have an access to my files and inner services from the outside.

Network file share

Samba offers a convenient access to my files.

Torrent seedbox

Transmission-cli just werks.

Print server

CUPS with CCP.

Privacy statements

I respect your privacy as my own. I use only a few dozen lines of JavaScript just to switch a theme and get stats on a radio.

I also collect access logs. Nothing special, just IP and User-Agent. I use these logs to analyse traffic, if I ever do it. It's so interesting to see where a visitor came from.